Introducing Prado Ranch

New possibilities. Unparalleled convenience. Beautiful rural living. Find it all at Prado Ranch—a proposed development plan that will bring new housing, jobs, critically important infrastructure and possibilities to the region… all while retaining what makes Lemmon Valley so special.

Introducing Prado Ranch

New possibilities. Unparalleled convenience. Beautiful rural living. Find it all at Prado Ranch—a proposed development plan that will bring new housing, jobs, critically important infrastructure and possibilities to the region… all while retaining what make Lemmon Valley so special.


We’re investing in solutions that will help retain the character of Lemmon Valley while bringing new conveniences to prepare the region for Nevada’s continued growth. We’re being mindful of the standards laid out by the planning commission and residents to create a development that serves the community and creates positive outcomes.


The Prado Ranch development is intended to be built fully in cooperation with the City, County and the citizens of Lemmon Valley and North Valley. We, along with the city and county, have a vested, sincere interest in communicating (conveniently, clearly and frequently) with the public so that their voices can be appropriately heard. The developer has already taken the lead to spur the city and county to proceed with necessary engineering and studies to kick off much needed infrastructure.


The Prado Ranch community can and will bring a number of benefits to the region. Besides 2,000–3,000 jobs, the development also has potential to alleviate traffic congestion, mitigate damage from potential weather-related emergencies (including flooding) via road elevation, improve emergency services response times and stimulate the local economy with dollars from new residents and visitors.


We are responsibly considering traffic, regional benefits, environmental impacts, and improvements to the stormwater plan. Developers are also considering how they can positively impact the “way of life” for all demographics in Lemmon Valley, including parents and youths. Ultimately, we are hoping to make Lemmon Valley and North Valley safe, clean and comfortable for generations.

Master Plan


Single Family Residential

Consists of approximately 843 acres designated for development of single family detached residential units.

Multi-Family Residential

Consists of approximately 32 acres designated for development of traditional multi-family apartment units. Buildings will be limited to maximum 3 stories with a max density of 21 du/ac.


Consists of approximately 195 acres designated for development of up to 3.5M square feet of industrial park. May include multiple large buildings or a mix of smaller buildings with significant open space around perimeter to minimize impacts on adjacent properties. While there is no way to determine the ultimate user, development will focus to attract whenever possible more logistics, assembly and manufacturing to create as many good lying jobs in a live / work community as possible.


Consists of approximately 22 acres designated for development of up to 57,750 square feet of commercial/retail uses. Future uses may include convenience store, gas station, restaurant, or other retail type uses.

Open Space

Consists of approximately 446 acres designated as for future open space/common area. Open Space areas are intended to preserve Swan Lake basin, steep slopes and ridgelines. Specifically, approximately 200 acres of designated open space will be specifically for Volume Offset Mitigation.

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Questions & Answers

You have questions about the Prado Ranch development and what it means for Lemmon Valley. We’re happy to provide answers.

Will the Prado Ranch Development congest traffic, and create stressors on emergency response and other vehicles that they can't accommodate?

The Prado Ranch development proposes a 4-lane major arterial that will meet Washoe County and provide a 100-foot right-of-way with four travel lanes, bike lanes, 16-foot landscape median with a minimum five-foot wide sidewalk and parkway strips on both sides.

Will this development and the incoming population cause overcrowding at schools zoned nearby? What about the inconvenience for parents and students alike?

Currently, all schools zoned nearby are under capacity. While a population influx may change this, Prado Ranch is committed to assisting the City and County in establishing tentatively planned new schools, which will provide relief for school site populations.

Will this development strip Lemmon Valley of its quiet, relaxed rural character? Will the proposed changes leave my town unrecognizable?

Not at all! Lansing Companies is deeply committed to preserving the character of the Lemmon Valley. We’ll be mindful about our development of residential, industrial and other beneficial assets without damaging the lifestyle or natural beauty of the region.

I'm worried that this development will be doomed by future flooding. Shouldn't you wait for the county to solve that problem first?

While none of us can control the weather, the Lansing Companies’ plan specifically works to cooperate with the City/County in improving the area’s preparedness to deal with stormwater. This includes completing projects that elevate the road above the floodplain, which diminishes the possibility of road closures, damage and other problems.

What fees will neighboring residents have to pay in association with the Prado Ranch Development? Are these developments going to raise our taxes?

There will be NO fees for the existing neighbors. Prado Ranch will be maintained by a Homeowners Association. All amenities (Parks, equestrian trail, walking trail, etc.)  created from the Prado Ranch development will be free and open to the public.

Why would you build homes that nobody is going to buy? Isn’t it true that Millennials aren’t interested in homeownership?

While we cannot speak to the intentions of every millennial, studies indicate that many do long for homeownership but are unable to access that part of the American dream due to scarce housing and rising costs.

Wells and water quality are extremely important to my family. Will this development affect the quality of the domestic wells?

No. We understand that many residents rely on wells every day. Our development will have no impact on domestic water quality and production.

What action are you taking to help with stormwater and flood mitigation? How will the development help, if at all?

We are the only local developer with the ability to assist in stormwater and flood mitigation efforts—thanks to the position of our property and proposed infrastructure. This allows us to expand Swan Lake, minimizing the likelihood of flooding.

Is the Prado Ranch development in any way encroaching on the open space that residents of Lemmon Valley already enjoy?

No. The planned development is situated on privately owned land. Lansing Companies will not take away any private or rural land in the region—and will only enhance space the group already owns for public benefit.

I'm worried about the environmental impact of this development. Will Prado Ranch bring harm to the wildlife at Swan Lake?

Our plans will not negatively impact local wildlife. Rather, we are adding open space and expanding opportunities for wildlife to coexist with the community, and are working with the Swan Lake Advisory Board to respect and sustain the local environment.

Will the Prado Ranch development expand the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) boundary? Should I be worried about future changes?

We are not expanding FEMA boundaries, nor are we increasing the level of water in the lake. Rather, by making alterations to the perimeter of the lake as it stands on our property, we’ll be decreasing the likelihood of flooding.

In what ways are you investing in our community beyond what you're required to do as part of this project?

Lansing Companies’ investment in community parks, equestrian centers, biking and walking paths—all free and open to the public—as well as tentatively planned schools and emergency facilities, are just a part of our demonstrated commitment to Lemmon Valley.

About Us

Prado Ranch is a development plan conceived of by Lansing Companies, to be executed in cooperation with the City of Reno, Washoe County and the residents of Lemmon Valley. This development will introduce housing, industrial and retail space, and critical infrastructure to enhance regional safety and quality of life.

Greg Lansing

As principal of Lansing Companies, Greg Lansing has over 30 years of experience in Southern California real estate development and is regarded as an expert in this niche market. Greg leads the team in strategizing, planning, and acquisition. Through hard work and persistence, he has established a tremendous network and valuable relationships within the brokerage, development, investment, and local political communities.

Jason Barney

Jason Barney represents Arcus Capital Solutions with land holdings and development projects throughout Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. Projects include regional and neighborhood shopping, mixed use master-planned communities, custom estate subdivisions, hospitality, office, medical, flex and industrial developments. Jason is a sixth generation Arizonan with a deep history in ranching and farming. As owner of Talmage Recording Studios, he is also extensively involved in music education and production.

Will Roberts

For more than 30 Years, Mr. Roberts has worked in the Land Development industry specializing in the areas of Municipal, Commercial, Industrial, Hospitality, Aerospace and Residential. First, in the Civil Engineering Industry for two top ten civil engineering firms working as a Project Manager, and second, as the Vice President of Land Development for a private billionaire developer, private / public Home builders where Will oversaw the design and development across the southwest.


Contact Us

Prado Ranch is happy to answer any additional questions you may have. We will also work to meet with residents that would like to sit down and hear more about how we are going to help Lemmon Valley.  We will do our best to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours.